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Qi Medicine Acupuncture, focusing on low mood and low energy.

Hi, everyone! This is Dr. Heena and I’m Dr. Soe and we’re from the Qi Medicine Acupuncture in Copenhagen. Today, I am so excited to finally welcome onto the floor our wonderful. Dr. Soe Who is … a lot of you do know Soe. She has been working closely with Qi Medicine over the years. She practically runs the place and she knows how to do everything. And the great news is thatSoe… You’ve just attained your double degree – your Bachelor of Health Science, which gives you the official green light to start practicing which is just wonderful. Soe has been studying for five years full-time. You have a degree in Chinese Medicine Acupuncture. She also studied all the Western Biomedicines – physiology, you name it. So much and you’re ready to go and we’ve got you on board, which is fantastic. Today, we’re gonna just have a little chat about some of the things that, you know, Soe loves to treat and she’s so passionate about and that she would love to help you with in the practice.

So Soe Tell me a little bit about, and tell the people at home, about what you love to do with Chinese Medicine. Thanks, Sheena. I’m passionate about all that though I love Chinese medicine. It’s been so amazing studying it. I think some of the main things that I’ve been noticing is that there’s so many small symptoms that people just brush off or they don’t think that’s a problem and there’s a lot. Things like bloating, fatigue, even just feeling heavy getting out of bed in the morning Stress – overwhelming stress emotions like having a short-fuse and you can’t deal with it. Grumpy, you’re grumpy all the time. Is it affecting your relationship? Yeah, I think a lot of people will be nodding at home saying, “Yes, that’s me.” Or gentler things like period pain and cycle irregularities.

Yep, add all that up and you know There’s so many people that have them, so we think that maybe it’s normal, but Chinese Medicine looks at everything on a whole Everything should be working in a cycle that shouldn’t be having all these little symptoms that we just think are normal so I think understanding that and Yeah, so it’s one of those things in Chinese medicine that as you know … all those little symptoms create a disharmony, a really clear pattern for us in Chinese Medicine That we can fix; it just it’s really easy for us to fix but maybe not so much when it comes to Western Medicine, right? It might all seem like disjointed. And I know that I can see that and I can put that into a pattern and you can understand that which means that I can help you with those things; things that you don’t need to like deal with it on a daily basis.

Just for a better quality of life Yeah, just day-to-day stuff, making your life more enjoyable less pain, less stress, less fatigue. Yeah. Yeah, that’s true. You’ve got magic! And you want to share it. I do. That’s so wonderful, and I know that there’s a lot of people who already know you, and just love working with you. You’re available at the clinic after hours and on weekends as well. So jump online at qimedicine.com.au for online bookings and book in with Soe. Do it. I can’t wait to meet you all. It’s so wonderful. Thank you, Soe, for making the time to have a chat with me today and We look forward to seeing you in the practice. Have a wonderful day. Great. Thanks so much.