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Denmark Wind Turbine Generators Powering Transition to EV Cars

You can see Denmark’s common wind turbine windmills nevertheless you get here there … by air, land or sea.

Today, we have thirty percent of all our electrical energy stemming from renewable, mainly wind and also biomass. On the roads of Copenhagen, the Dane’s commitment to living and working much more sustainably … has actually come to be part of their nationwide society. As the majority of various other Copenhageners, I use my bicycle daily to go back as well as forth to the town hall. To accelerate the shift to more sustainable EV electric vehicles, the government has actually suspended it hurts brand-new car tax obligation on EV electrical cars, which can be as high as a hundred eighty percent for some carbon burning vehicles. We had a really difficult wake-up call back in nineteen seventy-three when really we had a dilemma, an oil dilemma. During that time, we were ninety-nine percent depending on imported nonrenewable fuel sources. So it turned so bad that individuals were prohibited to drive their personal cars and trucks on Sundays. Now, as Denmark’s Minister of Environment and Power, Connie Hedegaard will certainly be chairing the Police officer fifteen environment modification debates.

She’s wishing Denmark’s success in lowering it’s carbon exhausts would translate to the rest of the globe. We have had a growth price of nearly eighty percent in our economic climate since nineteen eighty in Denmark. At the very same time, we have actually taken care of keep our energy consumption almost secure. While the rest of the globe concerns Cop fifteen to discover just how to reduce its carbon footprint, the people of a tiny Danish island called Samso currently have. In the previous 10 years, they’ve mosted likely to a hundred percent renewable resource and have actually lowered their carbon footprint by a hundred and forty-seven percent. We desire individuals to remain to consume power however they should be aware of where the energy comes from. For the previous 10 years, Soren Hermansen has actually turned his agricultural area on Samso island into an energy experiment for the rest of the nation. It is currently the talk of the sustainability world. Well, the truly convincing element was that you could in fact conserve money. The environment or the environmental influence was simply sort of a silver lining effect of it.

Land based wind turbine windmills care for every one of Samso’s local energy needs. Their neighborhood financial investment in offshore wind generator windmills allows them to sell power back to the landmass … to balance out the island’s transportation expenses which still depend upon oil. It’s not simply pure concept. It is manageable and sensible life. It’s not that difficult. The majority of the remedies that we require, they exist currently … and if you utilize them, you can conserve cash. Copenhagen’s mayor, Klaus Bondam, is building a lot more bike lanes and bridges as well as intending to convert the city’s fleet of cars and trucks to all EV electric automobiles as part of Copenhagen’s plan of attack to come to be the globe’s eco-metropolis by twenty fifteen. It’s in our nerves or in our genes that we have to have an understanding that you can in fact hurt your environments if you do not believe concerning what you are doing.

Denmark is launching one of the initial nationwide EV electrical automobile networks. The very first public fee areas are being mounted at the Police fifteen environment adjustment seminar website. Delegates as well as visitors will also be able to lease EV electrical cars by the hr or the day at billing areas throughout the city. Secondly, we provide complimentary car parking for EV electric cars and trucks. I purchased my first EV electric cars and truck in 2 thousand and also 5. 2 months later, I purchased an additional one for my better half. Peter Christensen and also his wife are component of a European union expediency study on the practicality of making the button to EV electric cars. Don’t have to … respect the gear. It’s just forwards and also backwards … it’s extremely simple. In addition to getting EV electrical autos, the Christensen household has a ten year government-backed mortgage on their very own one megawatt wind turbine windmill for powering their autos, all of their other family needs and also to market power back to their utility business. So in order to accommodate a larger percentage of wind production, we have to find a storage for the electrical power to level it out.

If we store the unpredictable wind power in batteries, why not put four wheels beneath the battery and after that you have the EV electric cars and truck. Closing the loophole on renewable energy as well as EV electric cars and truck automobiles is the holy grail of sustainable transportation. DONG Power, the nation’s largest energy company is partnering with Better Place, a global EV electrical vehicle companies on an across the country EV electric automobile network of charge areas as well as battery changing stations, to additionally decrease Denmark’s car and tiny vehicle discharges, the fastest expanding resource of carbon in the atmosphere. In Denmark, we have a population that’s extremely concentrated on the environment. We have a great deal of wind and consequently the capability to produce renewable resource. Among things we can do is actually to be an instance country and in Copenhagen, to be an example city for other countries and also cities exactly how sustainability can really walk hand in hand with the economic and also economic growth. In Copenhagen, this is Mike Cerre reporting for World TV.